Yoga and Social Anxiety
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Yoga and Social Anxiety

Yoga is basically a balance of body and mind, known to help relieve the strain by freeing the spirit as well as calming nerves. Certain postures cause neurological changes and eventually reduce anxiety. Yoga works on your breathing whilst shifting your perspective when faced with social phobia. Taking a deep breath in yoga lowers your alleviated heart rate and blood pressure, helping you regain focus when faced with anxiety.

Lower anxiety through poses such as

Lower anxiety through poses such as the hero pose. Get to a kneeling position, with your knees hip-width apart, place your palms on your hips while facing forward. Roll your shoulders back in a move that opens your chest to the world. Stay in that position for a while, making sure to breathe throughout the process. Focus on the thoughts that make you anxious while standing tall and upright, place one leg, sole flat, sideways on the other leg’s knee. This pose is tricky since it focuses on balance, to help with that, spread out your hands wide like a hug or place them in a prayer position in front of your chest. Try to focus on how you exhale and inhale, chest movements, quiet around you.

Yoga and Social Anxiety

You might find it difficult if you have some of my running thoughts, but push through them and listen to your breath. The habit of overpowering your thoughts will help balance emotions when faced with anxious situations. Stand straight, placing your feet in a wide stance with your feet facing the corners of the room. Open your arms wide, keeping them aligned with your shoulders, lean down to one side to try to get your fingers to touch your toes. You will feel the tension on your neck just roll off the more you move back and forth with the pose. Perform a stretch on both sides of your hip while your arms are still in a wide stance. Dealing with social anxiety needs a person to free their mind just like a child does.

The child’s pose frees worries when you sit back into your legs allowing your body to be one with your thoughts. In a bent state, push out the anxiety by straightening your back to relax. Sit down straight, try to cross your legs, and meditate on what bothers you socially. Find a happy place that gives you a feeling of peace, dwell on those thoughts till you feel strengthened to face anything. If crossing your legs is proving difficult, keep them straight and try to reach your toes by bringing your face down to your knees. In this position, pray, meditate, breathe slowly, whichever reaches you to a point that grows your confidence, do just that.

Overcome anxiety by breathing in deeply, holding it in for about 15 seconds, then slowly blowing the air out through your mouth slowly. You could lie down on your bed when anxious and lift your legs in a way that your soles are facing the ceiling. The position applies a bit of pressure on your core, while doing this, repeat a mantra to yourself, let it be made of words that make you feel empowered.