The International Yoga Day
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The International Yoga Day

The international yoga day is celebrated annually on 21st June on the whole universe but mainly in India and this day was celebrated since 2015. Yoga can be defined as a set of physical exercises that calm the body and the mind. Indian Prime Minister Midi addressed the nation on this occasion during the 2020 yoga day. In Midi’s speech, he stated that Yoga provides unity of the body and the mind and that it creates harmony between human beings and nature. After his speech, there were forty – five minutes of common yoga demonstrations.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, people

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, people did not gather to commemorate the International yoga day in the year 2020. The theme of the yoga day was, Yoga at home and yoga with the family. An ancient Indian practice of Yoga remains relevant today as it was in the past. This is because yoga has a lot of benefits to the person doing it. First, yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety by making one calm and help with major health issues like obesity and diabetes. Yoga makes one stay fit as yoga exercises one to keep fit and lastly, yoga helps one to cope with mental issues as it enables one to relax.

There are several Hollywood celebrities who

There are several Hollywood celebrities who do Yoga, they include Jennifer Anton, Reese Wither spoon, Robert Downy, Justine Timber lake, Ryan Gosling, and Katy Perry. In this topic, the International Yoga day will look at these celebrities one by one. To start, Jennifer Anton who acts in Hollywood movies. She started doing yoga when she was preparing for her wedding with Justin The Roux which was on the way. Just like every other yogi, she has claimed that she goes for practice when she needs to prepare physically and mentally for anything. It is even exciting that through a combination of yoga and other workouts Jennifer got her movie. She told Entertainment News that yoga is like a meditation as it helps one prepare for everything.

The International Yoga Day

Reese Wither spoon is a passionate yogi who practices yoga one to three times a week as reported. She has a private yoga session in her home to keep her health in check and some times joins a ninety – minute yoga class. There is Robert Downy who decided to turn to yoga so as for him to control his harmful addictions of the past. Justine Timber lake is another yogi who practices yoga even in the middle of the ocean. He is believed to have a killer body because of Yoga. Ryan Gosling is a celebrity who turned to yoga because he wanted mind and body wellness.

Katy Perry is a Hollywood celebrity that broke up with her former husband Russell Brand. This made her turn to yoga so as for her to cope with the heartbreak. She even tweeted that she had joined the group meditation and that it changed her life two months after finalizing their divorce. The above celebrities have a passion for yoga as yoga exercises help them reduce stress, keep the body calm, cope with mental issues, and also keep fit. It is important to commemorate the International Yoga day so as for the people doing Yoga can be identified for them to feel appreciated. This day is important as it enables the entire universe to be aware of the importance of Yoga. It is also supposed to encourage more people to do Yoga as it has a number of benefits.

To sum up, the International Yoga day is celebrated yearly on 21st June mostly in India, and Yoga is a set of physical exercises that calm the mind and the body. The ancient Indian yoga practice still remains relevant in this contemporary age as the practice reduces anxiety and stress, helps one to keep calm and yoga practices enable a person to manage mental issues. Midi, the Prime Minister of India addressed the nation a few days before 21st June 2020 and stated that yoga enhances the unity of mind and the body. There are several yogi celebrities for example Reese Wither spoon, Justine Timber lake, and Katy Perry. The international Yoga for 2020 Day was celebrated virtually as people could not gather to celebrate this important day to the people of India.