How Yoga Helps Those with Scoliosis
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How Yoga Helps Those with Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is bent or curved sideways, interfering with your body posture. It mainly occurs when you are about to hit puberty due to the sudden growth spurt experienced at this period. Other factors that could cause this abnormality include cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, or infections. Some of the symptoms to look out for include uneven hips, back pain, one shoulder blade higher than the other, difficulty breathing due to congested chest area. These symptoms can vary from one person to another, depending on the degree of scoliosis.

Diagnosis is mainly done by conducting a physical exam. Further study into your condition can be done by taking an X-ray test, MRI scan, CT scan, or bone scan. Each of these tests uses radiation to trace the nature of the condition in the spine. This is because radioactive rays can pass through the flesh to the bones, giving a clear image of what is happening in them.

The condition has no direct cure,

Yoga involves performing different postures in a certain sequence to attain peace of mind. It is a practice that influences your mind, and more importantly, your energetic system. Yoga has nothing more than just stretching body muscles, instead, it has a lot to do with the movement of prana energy in our system to quiet the mind. Even as we are doing physical postures, the focus of Yoga is on breathing and quieting the mind. This enables physical exercise to become more of a meditating experience.

The condition has no direct cure, but its seriousness can be reduced in various ways, the best options being bracing and surgery. Surgery involves having an orthopedic and neurosurgeon cut you open to physically align the back of the spine. Bracing is used to prevent the curve from getting worse than it already is. Some are on 24hours, while others are worn at night only.

How Yoga Helps Those with Scoliosis

Engaging in physical exercises and stretches like yoga may not necessarily cure you of this condition, but they help in relieving the pain it comes with, which helps in improving body posture. Such exercises help in stretching your muscles, including ligaments that hold bones in joints together. It helps in improving mobility and flexibility of the spine while improving spinal position as well. Yoga is a good home-based remedy for those who are not considering going for surgery to have braces.

Mental health can also be affected by scoliosis when the constant thought of how your body looks creeps into your mind. Yoga not only helps in stretching out the body muscles but also in relaxing the mind and putting you at ease. It puts you in a peaceful place mentally, enabling you to accept that whatever has happened to you is none of your faults, and there are ways to slightly rectify the situation.

For the yoga exercise to work effectively, you need to know the type of scoliosis you have. This will help in finding movements or exercises that will isolate the areas of discomfort and strictly work on the areas affected. If there are certain poses that you cannot do, it is okay to skip them and possibly try them in the future. This is meant to try and fix you, not make you feel any more pain than you already are.